She – “My heart is so small. It is almost invible. How could you make me suffer so much. How could you throw it away ?”

He – “Your eyes are still smaller. How dare they behold the world. How dare they cut through my heart. How dare they torment my soul ?!!”


“Her Intended”

“Her Intended”

And at the times when everyone else belonged somewhere and to someone…she never really belonged to anyone. She wrote terrible things, the inside of her mind was a terrible place. Those were clouded windows of hell that were her eyes and she would often look into the sky and utter an inhuman cry “oh god, oh devil, my intended !! i cannot live without my life, i cannot live without my soul ”

and it was remembered afterwards that when she stopped strangers on the gloomy november nights, she would often murmur with inutterable pain in her eyes that..

“he was almost in love.

she was almost an angel for him.

he almost stopped her.

she almost waited.

he almost lived.

they almost made it.”



” cause’ real eyes shall realize real eyes.
and then the universe might change and burn.
and the mountains might blow like leaves in the air and i might no longer be me and you would would no longer be you and then we all shall be chaos.

But then chaos is magic ! and chaos and magic might be love that drives powerful man mad and do more powerful things ?? “